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How We Generate Traffic

Several Website traffic services choose spam as their traffic suorce.

Banner ad impressions, pop ups, pop-unders, emails and autosurf scripts are usually used by a lot of Traffic providers. many visitors will never actually be able to see your site or affiliate link ! Trafficmeet However implements a different approach. Our targeted traffic is supplied by making use of REAL VISITORS redirected from abandoned domains. Everyday left behind domain names are ordered which have traffic visiting them. Basically, the traffic originating from these websites is redirected to your niche.

A majority of these forgotten domains have traffic on them, prior owners listed them on search engines, marketed them and due to varius causes have forgotten about them. now you reap their effort by having us guide this targeted traffic to your websites. These types of redirections are very effective and efficient because it does not disturb the internet user’s online experience.

It is very important that you really are aware of the difference between a visit and a hit.

A visit takes place when someone loads your page. A hit is not necessarily a unique visit. Technically, a hit happens each time a file is loaded. For instance, whenever you loaded this page you produced numerous hits. There was one for each and every image you loaded and another for that page itself. That’s a lot different than one unique visit! In common usage, people are talking about visits when in fact what they mean are hits.

TrafficMeet delivers VISITS – not HITS

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